Complete Roster of the 

American Volunteer Group,  1941-42

The Flying Tigers

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**Denotes AVG member who did not fulfill their contract or was not Honorably Discharged when the Flying Tigers were officially disbanded, July 4, 1942.

Adair, C.B. “Skip” Staff, Chief G-4 Section       
Adkins, Frank W. Flight Leader    
Allard, James L. Auto Mechanic    
Alsop, Joseph W., Jr. Staff Historian    
Anderson, Frank A. Crew Chief    
Armstrong, John Dean Wing Man    
Atkinson, Peter W. Wing Man    
**Bacon, Noel R. Flight Leader    
Bailey, George R. Crew Chief    
Baisden, Charles N. Armorer    
**Bartelt, Percy R. Flight Leader    
Bartling, William E. Flight Leader    
Baugh, Marion F. Wing Man    
Baughman, Edmund C. Communications    
Beaupre, Leo A. Clerk-Transportation    
Bell, Donald Clerk-Transportation    
Bent, Morton W. Clerk-Operations    
**Bernsdorf, Donald R. Wing Man    
Bishop, Lewis S. Vice Squadron Leader    
Blackburn, John Ed., III Wing Man    
Blackburn, William J. Crew Chief    
Blackwell, Harold J. Crew Chief    
**Blaylock, Glen O. Crew Chief    
**Bohman, Morris P. Wing Man    
Bolster, Harry R. Wing Man    
Bond, Charles R. Vice Squadron Leader    
Bonham, Ernest O. Communications    
**Boyington, Gregory Flight Leader    
Brady, James E. Clerk-Transportation    
Breeden, Kenneth V. Clerk-Administration    
Brice, George Crew Chief    
Bright, John G. Flight Leader    
Brouk, Robert R. Flight Leader    
Brown, Carl K. Flight Leader    
Bruce, Everett W. Dental Surgeon    
**Bryant, Alfred W. Clerk    
Bugler, Carl F. Chief-Administration    
Burgard, George T. Flight Leader    
**Buxton, Richard H. Clerk-Medical Orderly    
Callan, Michael R. Crew Chief    
Carney, Boatner R. Staff    
Carter, John B. Line Chief    
Cavanah, Herbert R. Flight Leader    
Ceder, Melvin E. Staff-Police    
Chaney, Charles Crew Chief    
Chennault, Claire L. Group Commander    
Christensen, Keith J. Armorer    
Christman, Allen Bert Flight Leader    
Clouthier, Leo P. Clerk-Operations    
Cole, Thomas J., Jr. Wing Man    
Colquette, Leon P. Crew Chief    
Conant, Edwin S. Flight Leader    
**Cook, Elmer J. Wing Man    
Cornelius, Jack Crew Chief    
Cribbs, Charles D. Clerk-Medical Orderly    
**Criz, Albert Wing Man    
Croft, John S. Flight Leader    
Crookshanks, Jesse R. Crew Chief    
Cross, Harvey G. Communications    
Cross, James Flight Leader    
**Crotty, John D. Clerk-Operations    
Curran, George F. Crew Chief    
Cushing, Albert D. Clerk-Operations    
Daube, Otto W. Crew Chief    
Davis, Doreen Steno-Typist    
Davis, William H. S. Asst. Operations    
Dean, John J. Flight Leader    
Dolan, Walter J. Crew Chief    
Donovan, John Tyler Wing Man    
Doran, Francis R. Clerk-Administration    
Dorris, Carl E. Clerk-Administration    
**Dudzik, Francis P. Clerk-Administration    
DuPouy, Parker S. Vice Squadron Leader    
**Durbin, Estill E.      
Durrall, Eugene C., Jr. Clerk-Intelligence    
**Dyson, James P.      
Engle, Charles R. Crew Chief    
Engler, John R. Communications    
Ernst, Richard J. Communications    
Farrell, John W. Flight Leader    
Fauth, John Edward Crew Chief    
Fish, William H., Jr. Wing Man    
Fobes, Edwin L. Clerk-Administration    
Foshee, Ben Crum Wing Man    
Foster, Emma Jane Nurse    
Fox, Harry E. Line Chief    
Francisco, Charles H. Communications    
Frillmann, Paul W. Chaplain    
Fritzke, Allen W. Armorer    
**Fuller, Henry W. Instructor    
Gallagher, Edward F. Crew Chief    
Gallagher, Robert Nurse    
Gasdick, Joseph Crew Chief, Sheet Metal    
Gee, Chun Yuen Engineering Helper    
Gentry, Thomas C., M.D. Chief Surgeon    
Geselbracht, Henry M. Flight Leader    
Gilbert, Henry G., Jr. Wing Man    
Gorham, Lloyd L. Crew Chief    
Gove, Irving P. Crew Chief    
Goyette, Edger T. Det. Commander Point A    
**Graham, Richard E. Crew Chief    
Greene, Paul J. Flight Leader    
Greenlaw, Harvey K. Staff-Operations    
Greenlaw, Olga S. Clerk-Administration    
Groh, Clifford G. Flight Leader    
**Gunvordahl, Ralph N. Wing Man    
Hall, Lester J. Wing Man    
Hammer, Maax C., Jr. Wing Man    
**Hanley, Lee D. (Leo) Armorer    
**Hardesty, Martin L. Crew Chief    
**Harpold, Clayton M. Mess    
Harrington, Jasper J. Line Chief    
Harris, David H. Staff    
Harris, Edward J. Chief-Administration    
**Hastey, Raymond L. Wing Man    
**Hauser, John B. Crew Chief    
Haywood, Thomas C., Jr. Flight Leader    
Hedman, Robert P. Flight Leader    
Heller, John E. Clerk-Transportation    
**Henderson, George G. Clerk    
Hennessy, John J. Flight Leader    
Henson, Thomas M. Clerk-Medical Orderly    
Hill, David Lee Squadron Leader    
Hodges, Fred S. Flight Leader    
Hoffman, Louis Flight Leader    
Hoffman, Roy G. Armorer    
Hooker, Burton L. Parachute Rigger    
**Houle, Leo J. Wing Man    
Howard, James H. Vice Squadron Leader    
Hoyle, Daniel J. Clerk-Administration    
Hubler, Martin R. Clerk-Operations    
Hurst, Lynn A. Wing Man    
**Jaeger, George B. Auto Mechanic    
Janski, Edwin A. Propeller Mechanic    
Jernstedt, Kenneth O. Flight Leader    
**Johnston, Leon H. Clerk Operations    
**Jones, Jack D. Armorer    
Jones, Thomas A., Jr. Vice Squadron Leader    
Jordan, Joe T. Clerk-Finance    
Jourdan, Walter C. Clerk-Meterology    
Kaelin, Albert V. Clerk-Administration    
Keeton, Robert B. Flight Leader    
**Kelleher, John P. Wing Man    
Keller, Daniel W. Crew Chief    
Kelly, Thomas D. Telephone Lineman    
Kemph, Merlin D. Crew Chief    
Kenner, Charles D. Crew Chief    
Kepka, George B. Crew Chief    
Kiner, Melvin W. Telephone Lineman    
King, Robert J. Communications    
**Knapp, Donald R. Wing Man    
Kustay, Stephen Armorer    
Kuykendall, Mathew W. Flight Leader    
Kwong, Lawrence C. Staff    
**Lancaster, George R. Clerk    
Laughlin, C.H., Jr. Flight Leader    
Lawlor, Frank L. Flight Leader    
Layher, Robert F. Flight Leader    
Leaghty, Charles C. Parachute Rigger    
Lee, Joseph S., M.D. Flight Surgeon    
Lee, Pak On Engineering Helper    
Leibolt, Edward J. Flight Leader    
Lindstedt, Robert K. Communications    
Linton, Jack R. Armorer    
Little, Robert L. Flight Leader    
Loane, Ernest W. Wing Man    
Locke, Robert P. Propeller Specialist    
Loomis, Elton V. Communications    
Losonsky, Frank S. Crew Chief    
Lum, George L. Engineering Helper    
Lussier, Joseph E. Communications    
McAllister, Gale E. Crew Chief    
McClure, Edgar B. Crew Chief    
**McDowell, Mark H. Crew Chief    
McGarry, William D. Wing Man    
**McGuire, Maurice G. Wing Man    
McHenry, Sharon L. Clerk-Engineering    
McKinney, Eugene R. Armorer    
McMillan, George B. Flight Leader    
Mangleburg, Lacy F. Wing Man    
Martin, Neil G. Flight Leader    
Merritt, Kenneth T. Wing Man    
**Metasavage, Frank G. Crew Chief    
Mickelson, Einar I. Wing Man    
Milhalko, Alex Communications    
Miller, Arvold A. Communications    
Misenheimer, Charles V. Crew Chief    
**Moore, Lawrence C. Clerk    
Moss, Kenneth R. Clerk-Meterology    
Moss, Robert C. Flight Leader    
Mott, Charles D. Flight Leader    
**Mundelein, Charles D. Crew Chief    
Musgrove, Willard L. Crew Chief    
Musick, James H. Armorer    
Neal, Robert J. Armorer    
Neale, Robert H. Squadron Leader    
**Newell, Ferris D. Clerk-Administration    
Newkirk, John Van Kuren Squadron Leader    
Neumann, Gerhard Propeller Specialist    
Older, Charles H. Flight Leader    
Olson, Arvid E., Jr. Squadron Leader    
Olson, Henry L. Crew Chief    
Osborne, Harold L. Crew Chief    
Overend, Edmund F. Flight Leader    
Overley, John L. Crew Chief    
Paull, Preston B. Crew Chief    
Paxton, George L. Flight Leader    
Peeden, Joseph N. Crew Chief    
Peret, Richard C. Group Engineering Officer    
Perry, Paul J. Armorer    
Petach, John E., Jr. Flight Leader    
Pietsker, Joseph H. Photographer    
Pistole, Herbert Armorer    
Pon, Kee Jeung Engineering Helper    
Poshefko, Joseph A. Armorer    
**Power, John D. Crew Chief    
**Power, Robert H. Wing Man    
Prescott, Robert W. Flight Leader    
Prevo, Samuel B., M.D. Flight Surgeon    
Probst, Albert E. Flight Leader    
Quick, Carl Crew Chief    
Raine, Robert J. Flight Leader    
**Rasbury, James D. Mess    
Rasmussen, Robert P. Crew Chief    
Rector, Edward F. Vice Squadron Leader    
Reed, William N. Flight Leader    
Regis, James E. Photographer    
Regis, Stanley J. Crew Chief    
**Reynolds, George B. Crew Chief    
Richards, Lewis J., M.D. Flight Surgeon    
**Richardson, Charles A. Crew Chief    
**Richardson, Randall S. Clerk    
Richardson, Rolland L. Communications    
Ricketts, Freeman I. Flight Leader    
Ricks, Wayne W. Propeller Specialist    
Riffer, Clarence W. Armorer    
**Ringey, Joseph E. Auto Mechanic    
Roberts, Carson M. Communications    
Rodewald, Donald L. Armorer    
Rogers, Robert W. Crew Chief    
Rosbert, Camile J. Flight Leader    
Rossi, John R. Flight Leader    
Rumen, John N. Armorer    
**Rushton, Edwin H. Wing Man    
Sandell, Robert J. Squadron Leader    
**Sanger, Kenneth C. Communications    
Sasser, Ralph W. Communications    
Sawyer, Charles W. Flight Leader    
Schaper, Wilfred E. Crew Chief    
Schiel, Frank, Jr. Vice Squadron Leader    
Schiller, Ralph F. Armorer    
Schramm, Leo J. Crew Chief    
**Schur, Carl E. Crew Chief    
Seamster, Loy F. Communications    
Seavey, Edward H. Communications    
Seiple, Wilfred R. Crew Chief    
Shamblin, Arnold W. Wing Man    
Shapard, Van, Jr. Wing Man    
**Shapiro, William D. Clerk    
Shaw, John E. Clerk-Medical Orderly    
Shields, Milan R. Propeller Specialist    
Shilling, Eriksen E. Flight Leader    
Shreffler, Roger Communications    
**Smith, Corbett J. Mess    
Smith, Curtis E. Group Adjutant    
**Smith, George Administration    
Smith, Robert A. Crew Chief    
Smith, Robert H. Flight Leader    
Smith, Robert M. Communications    
Smith, Robert T. Flight Leader    
**Sommers, John T. Clerk-Operations    
Stewart, Jo Buckner (Miss) Chief Nurse    
Stiles, Edward L. Crew Chief    
Stolet, Irving J. Crew Chief    
**Stubbs, Gail L. Instructor    
Sutherland, William L. Auto Mechanic    
Swartz, Frank W. Wing Man    
Sweeney, Joseph H. Communications    
**Swindle, Estes T., Jr. Wing Man    
Sykes, William A. Communications    
Terry, Julian E. Clerk-Administration    
Towery, William H. Mess Supervisor    
Trumble, Thomas C. Secretary to Group Cmndr.    
Tuley, Chester A. Crew Chief    
Tyrell, George Crew Chief    
Uebele, John J. Crew Chief    
**Unger, William H. Armorer    
Van Timmeran, Frank E. Line Chief    
Vaux, Morgan H. Communications    
Viverette, Hugh J. Clerk-Medical Orderly    
Wagner, Earl F. Armorer    
Wakefield, Manning, Jr. Crew Chief    
**Walker, Harold H. Crew Chief    
**Wallace, Stanley H. Wing Man    
**Walroth, Robert H. Wing Man    
**Walsh, Andrew A. Clerk    
Walters, George F. Clerk-Administration    
**Watson, Eugene A. Wing Man    
Whelpley, Donald A. Clerk-Meterology    
**White, John E. Crew Chief    
**White, Richard Wing Man    
**Whitehead, Raymond G. Asst. Gp. Ops Officer    
Whitwer, Eloise (Miss) Steno-Typist    
**Wiggin, Edwin D. Chief-Administration    
Williams, John M. Communications Officer    
Wilson, Clifford H. Auto Mechanic    
Wingshee, George Leo Engineering Helper    
Wirta, Harvey C. Armorer    
Wolf, Fritz E. Flight Leader    
Woodward, Melvin C. Crew Chief    
Wright, Allen M. Wing Man    
Wright, Peter Flight Leader    
Wu, Lem Fong Engineering Helper    
Wyatt, Louis G. Communications    
**Wyke, William R. Asst. Group Adjutant    
Wylie, Harold G. Clerk-Finance    
**Yarbery, Glen L. Crew Chief    
Yee, Francis T.F. Engineering Helper    
Young, John P. Clerk-Engineering    
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