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Charles R., Jr.
22 April 1915 / 18 August 2009
Dallas, Texas
First Pursuit Squadron
Vice Squadron Leader
7 confirmed, 3 probables,
Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit w/one Oak Leaf Cluster, Distinguished Flying Cross, Presidential Unit Citation, British Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, Chinese Fifth Order of the Cloud Banner, Seven Star Wing Medal.
Pre AVG: Served in the enlisted ranks in the Texas National Guard, 23 July 1936 – 11 February 1938.  Accepted for pilot training as an aviation cadet in the US Army Air Corps, receiving his wings with Class 39-A at Kelly Field, Texas, on 1 February 1939.  Initially assigned to 2nd Bomb Group at Langley Field, VA, flying B-17s.  Participated in one of the first good-will flights to South America in 1939.  Later assigned to Ferry Command.
AVG Service: Recruited by Skip Adair.  Sailed on Boschfontein, arriving Rangoon 12 November 1941.  Inspired by photo of shark-mouthed Tomahawks of No. 112 Squadron, RAF, he was the first to paint his P-40 in similar markings, setting the precedent for what became the trademark of the Flying Tigers.  Shot down six Japanese fighters and one bomber.
Returned to the States after AVG disbanded, rejoined the US Army Air Forces.  Assigned to Air Force School of Applied Tactics to train new fighter pilots.  Later served as Chief of the Air Division, US Mission to the USSR and aide to Ambassador Averill Harriman.
Post War Career:
Served on the Air Staff in the Pentagon; obtained a B.S. degree at Texas A&M; served in HQ Continental Air Command; deputy commander, 5th Allied Tactical Air Force; vice-commander 9th Air Force; deputy commander 7th/13th Air Forces during Vietnam War; promoted to major general and retired on 31 July 1968 as commander, 12th Air Force.
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