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C. H.
December 30, 1916 / March 25, 1995
Independence, Missouri
Third Squadron
Flight Leader
Sixth Grade Cloud Banner No. 127; 2-Star Wing Medal, Chinese Air Force, No. 17; Distinguished Flying Cross;  Presidential Unit Citation; etc.
Pre AVG: Link grew up in Olathe, Kansas, and was an alumnus of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri.  In August of 1940, he enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve in New York City.  He took his flight training at Pensacola, receiving his wings and commission as 2nd Lt. in June, 1941, then accepting assignment there as Flight Instructor.   
AVG Service: In August of 1941, Link resigned his commission in the Marine Reserves to become a member of the AVG under the direction of Colonel Claire Chennault.  This took him to Rangoon in November of 1941 where he was assigned to the Third Squadron (Hell’s Angels).  When the AVG disbanded July 4, 1941, he remained in China accepting employment with China National Aviation Corporation.

Link returned to the States in early 1944, reentering the Marine Corps Reserves in May of that year.  He was assigned to the 9th Marine Aircraft Wing at Cherry Point, NC, where he became pilot for General Lewie G. Merritt, Commanding Officer of the Wing.  At that point Link insisted he was the oldest 2nd Lt. in the Corps.  However, in short order his promotion to Major came through and he remained at Cherry Point until October 1945, when he resigned to join a group of his AVG friends in the establishment of what was to become the Flying Tiger Cargo Line.

Post War Career:
In the 1950’s, Link moved to the Miami area.  He remained in the Marine Corps Reserves, retiring in December of 1978, having attained the rank of Colonel.  In South Florida, he became engaged in business and real estate investments, worked as editor for Pleasure Boating magazine, and was a free lance writer. Link was an avid fisherman, boater, and golfer, with a passion for writing, especially corresponding with friends both old and new.  Link moved to New Smyrna Beach, Florida, in 1986.  He died in March, 1995, and was buried with honors at Pensacola on May 5th of that year, with a number of his AVG friends in attendance.

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