Last Name:   
Andersen (a.k.a. Jacobson)

First Name: 
Frank A.
11/25/18 – 04/16/07
Racine, WI
1st Sqdr., Adam & Eves
Crew Chief
Bronze Star, Chinese Air Service Medal, Presidential Unit Citation Medal
Pre AVG:
Frank joined the Army Air Corps and graduated from Aircraft Mechanics School in 1939.  As a mechanic, he was stationed at Selfridge Field, Michigan with the 94th Hat in the Ring Squadron, made famous by Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker in WWI.
AVG Service:

As aircraft mechanics in the AVG, we had to be innovative and resourceful to keep those P-40s flying.  “We made good with very little supplies for aircraft maintenance.  We did what we had to do.”   Frank was recruited for the AVG at Selfridge field and sailed for Rangoon, Burma on July 10, 1941 aboard the Jaegersfontein.

Frank put his aircraft mechanic skills to good use for the remainder of the war at Grumman’s Eastern Aircraft Division.  He was in good company with other AVG veterans at Grumman such as Michael Callen. “Chick Curran”, Frank Metasavage, A.W. Fritzke, George Brice and George Tyrell.
Post War Career:
After the war, Frank began a career with Texaco Oil Company as a machinist, Building Trades Supervisor and Inspector Dept. Technician.   With wife, Audrey, they raised their son Alan.  Frank retired from Texaco with 32 years of service. 
What do you want remembered about the AVG?  “We prevented the (Japanese) invasion of China from the west and deterred any Jap push toward India.  Also, while the AVG defended Rangoon from the air, the British ground troops absconded up into Burma taking loads of armored equipment with them but otherwise abandoning scads of military equipment on the docks of Rangoon.”
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