Shark Sighting by John Shaw




Before the pilots of the Flying Tigers could take to the skies against the enemy, the all-important task of boresighting the .30 caliber wing guns of their P-40s had to take place. The ingenious armorers of the AVG were often forced to improvise, but as the Tigers’ incredible combat record can attest, they got the job done! Artist John D. Shaw has recreated this scenario, featuring likenesses of actual AVG personnel, such as “Tex” Hill and armorer Chuck Baisden.

Signed by a minimum of eleven AVG veterans from the group listed here: Morgan Vaux, Dick Rossi, Charlie Bond, “Tex” Hill, “Buster” Keeton, Peter Wright, Ken Jernstedt, Chuck Baisden, Paul Clouthier, Joe Poshefko, Ed Stiles, Frank Losonsky, Rich Richardson, Ed Janski..

Size 23″ x 37.5″

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