Tigers in the Gorge by John Shaw




Thousands of refugees fled down the tortuous Burma Road toward Kunming, China to escape the advancing armored forces of Imperial Japan. With the armies of china devastated, it was evident that nothing but the winding Salween River at the bottom of the treacherous gorge could slow the enemy’s surge toward the capitol city. After destroying the bridge behind them, those fleeing watched helplessly as the Japanese hastily started to construct a makeshift pontoon bridge. It appeared that China would face certain surrender if the enemy made it across. Hopes of an easy victory quickly began to fade through, when suddenly through the gorge rang the echoes of snarling Allison engines, powering shark mouthed P-40s of the legendary American Volunteer Group, better known as the Flying Tigers! With ‘Tex’ Hill leading the charge, and with only a handful of men and planes, the AVG stopped the Japanese cold in the Salween River Gorge, and China would not fall.

Signed by 27 AVG members: Keith Christensen, Frank Andersen, Leo J. Schramm, George Bailey, Tex Hill, Charles Bond, Ed Stiles, P.J. Greene, Bus Keeton, Al Kaelin, Joe Poshefko, Paul Clouthier, Bob Layher, Dick Rossi, Joe Rosbert, Ed Fobes, Charlie Mott, John M. Rumen, Frank Losonsky, Ken Jernstedt, Peter Wright, Rich Richardson, Chuck Baisden, Morgan Vaux, Ed Janski, G. Tyrell, R. J. Raine.

Overall Size: 37″ X 24.25″ Image Size: 32″X18″

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