Heart Of The Tiger by Art Siordia




A distinctive image of 3 P-40s flying over the Li River and the unusual coned hills of Kwelin. The “Heart of the Tiger” is the face of General Chennault in the clouds. One of only 2 lithos that have at least 50 original signatures of AVG members:

Image size 29″x15″ Overall size 33.5×24″

Red Petach Hanks, J. R. Rossi, John Young, Charles Bond, W. Musgrove, Burma Bob Locke, Doc Richardson, Eric Shiling, Francis R. Doran, Frank Losonsky, Robert J. Raine, Geo. R. Bailey, Merlyn Kemph, Tex Hill, Carl K. Brown, Roger Schreffler, Carl Quick, Bob Layher, Bob Neale, Peter Wright, Chuck Baisden, John Williams, Joe Poshefko, Charlie Mott, Fritz Wolf, Michael A. Callen, Paul Clouthier, Ed Fobes, Al Kalin, Frank Andersen, Leo J. Schramm, Irv Stolet, Bus Keeton, JJ Harrington, Joe Rosbert, Link Laughlin, Moose Moss, Keith Christenson, Ken Jernstedt, Robt. M. Smith, Rich Richardson, P.S. Dupouy, Gierhard Newman, Morgan Vaux, W. E. Schaper, Irv Gove, Bill Blackburn, F. W. Adkins, Rode Rodewald, R.T. Smith.

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