Summer of ’42 by John Shaw




Shown in this beautiful rendering is a mixed bag of shark-mouthed P-40 ‘Tomahawk’ and P-40E ‘Kittyhawk’ fighters of the AVG returning from patrol near their base at Kweilin, China during mid-1942. Under the brilliant leadership of Claire Lee Chennault, the AVG achieved a remarkable combat record since its debut in late 1941, and was disbanded July 4, 1942.

Summer of ’42 by John Shaw. Fifteen original signatures plus the artist: Charlie Bond, Red Petach Hanks, Peter Wright, Charlie Mott, Leo Schramm, Joe Poshefko, Frank Losonsky, Bob Layher, Ken Jernstedt, Joe Rosbert, Dick Rossi, Chuck Baisden, Ed Janski, Tex Hill, Frank Andersen, Paul Clouthier, and John Shaw.

Overall Size: 34.5 x 21
Image Size: 29.5 x 15

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