Brig. Gen (ret) David “Tex” Hill Awarded Distinguished Service Cross

Flying Tigers Hero and Triple Ace Receives Medal 2nd Only to the Medal of Honor

After nearly 60 years of bureaucracy, General Hill received the award at a banquet in San Antonio attended by a crowd of nearly 300.

Presenting the award was retired General Henry Viccellio who told the crowd “you usually have to go out to the movies to see the good guy win in the end.  But tonight. . . we are . . . honoring a man who has set the example for many of us.”

The citation accompanying the DSC reads in part, “. . . while performing bomber escort duty in a P-40 aircraft over enemy held territory in the China Theater . . . Major Hill attacked superior numbers of enemy aircraft rising to intercept the U.S. B-24 bombers.  Without hesitation, he turned his aircraft on its back for a high speed dive and placed his aircraft between the enemy fighters and the B-24 bombers.  With Exceptional flying ability, Major Hill forced the enemy aircraft to turn from the attack and dive away.  With skillful marksmanship, he destroyed one aircraft and severely damaged three others resulting in their probable destruction.”

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