1st Squadron “Adam and Eve” Personnel Roster

The Flying Tigers
Honorably Discharged July 4, 1942


Peter Atkinson Wing Man
William Bartling Flight Leader
John Blackburn Wing Man
William Blackburn Crew Chief
Charles Bond Vice Squadron Leader
Carl Brown Flight Leader
George Burgard Flight Leader
Michael Callan Crew Chief
John Carter Line Chief
Edwin Conant Flight Leader
Jack Cornelius Crew Chief
John Croft Flight Leader
Jim Cross Flight Leader
George Curran Crew Chief
John Dean Flight Leader
Walter Dolan Crew Chief
Carl Dorris Clerk-Administration
John Farrell Flight Leader
Irving Gove Crew Chief
Jasper J. Harrington Line Chief
John Hennessy Flight Leader
Louis Hoffman Flight Leader
Frank Jacobson Crew Chief
Al Kaelin Clerk-Administration
Merlin Kemph Crew Chief
Charles Kenner Crew Chief
Stephen Kustay Armorer
Matthew Kuykendall Flight Leader
Edward Leibolt Flight Leader
Jack Linton Armorer
Robert Little Flight Leader
Ernest Loane Wing Man
Joseph Lussier Communications
Edgar McClure Crew Chief
William McGarry Wing Man
Eugene McKinney Armorer
Einar Mickelson Wing Man
Charles V. Misenheimer Crew Chief
Willard Musgrove Crew Chief
Robert Neal Armorer
Robert Neale Squadron Leader
Joseph Noble Peeden Crew Chief
Robert Prescott Flight Leader
Albert Probst Flight Leader
Robert Rasmussen Crew Chief
Donald Rodewald Armorer
Joseph Rosbert Flight Leader
J. Richard Rossi Flight Leader
Charles Sawyer Flight Leader
Robert Sandell Squadron Leader
Frank Schiel Vice Squadron Leader
Wilfred Schaper Crew Chief
Robert H. Smith Flight Leader
John Uebele Crew Chief
Fritz Wolf Flight Leader
Allen Wright Wing Man
Louis Wyatt Communications

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