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Order Source: contact Shiela Bishop Irwin at irwin.gs@gte.net or mail to 105 Parkview Drive, Bloomington IL 61701.


A Chinese in the AVG  By Keith Lee  

Copyright 2013.  Place orders at:  avglegacy@juno.com   (Price $29.50)


To Soar with the Tigers  By Jennifer A. Holik with Robert Brouk

Published 2013


The Tiger’s Widow – the story of Virginia Brouk  By Jennifer A. Holik

Published July, 2014.

Through the Eyes of a Tiger:  The John Donovan Story  By Susan Jimison

Released August 22, 2015.


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Granite Falls Books, Golden State Press, Lake City Colorado
Order source: Granite Falls Books, P.O.Box 115, Lake City, CO 81235

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