June 2-6, 2010 – AVG Reunion, Las Vegas, NV

Four of the surviving AVG members attended.  General Chennault’s daughter, Rosemary Simrall, and his granddaughter, Nell Calloway, also attended.  The Tigers were met by Gen. Handy and honored with an extensive tour and maintenance brief at the Air Warfare School at Nellis AFB.  There was indeed lots of “iron on the ramp at Nellis!”  We were surprised to meet Joe Chennault, a relative of the general….and he’s an Air Force pilot in the Aggressor Squadron….yes, it’s fighter tactics at its very best!  The AVG Banquet was held atop the Stratosphere Tower with spectacular sunset views of Las Vegas and The Strip.  The President of Mercury Air, Mr. Joe Czyzyk, honored the Tigers.

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