3rd Squadron "Hells's Angels" Personnel Roster

The Flying Tigers
Honorably Discharged July 4, 1942

Frank Adkins Flight Leader
Charles Baisden Armorer
Lewis Bishop Vice Squadron Leader
Robert Brouk Flight Leader
Herbert Cavanah Flight Leader
Keith Christensen Armorer
L. Paul Clouthier Clerk-Operations
Leon Colquette Crew Chief
Jesse Crookshanks Crew Chief
John Donovan Wing Man
Parker Dupouy Vice Squadron Leader
Charles Engle Crew Chief
John Fauth Crew Chief
Ben Foshee Wing Man
Charles Francisco Communications
Edward F. Gallagher Crew Chief
Henry Gilbert Wing Man
Paul Greene Flight Leader
Clifford Groh Flight Leader
Thomas Haywood Flight Leader
Robert Hedman Flight Leader
Fred Hodges Flight Leader
Daniel Hoyle Clerk-Administration
Kenneth Jernstedt Flight Leader
Thomas Jones Vice Squadron Leader
Daniel Keller Crew Chief
George Kepka Crew Chief
C.H. Link Laughlin Flight Leader
Elton Loomis Communications
Frank Losonsky Crew Chief
Lacy Mangleburg Wing Man
Neil Martin Flight Leader
Gale McAllister Crew Chief
George McMillan Flight Leader
Charles Older Flight Leader
Arvid Olson Squadron Leader
Henry Olson Crew Chief
Harold Osborne Crew Chief
Ed Overend Flight Leader
Paul Perry Armorer
Joseph Poshefko Armorer
Robert Raine Flight Leader
William Reed Flight Leader
Stanley Regis Crew Chief
Clarence Riffer Armorer
Leo Schramm Crew Chief
Wilfred Seiple Crew Chief
Erik Shilling Flight Leader
Robert A. Smith Crew Chief
Robert T. Smith Flight Leader
Edward Stiles Crew Chief
Irving Stolet Crew Chief
Joseph Sweeney Communications
Julian Terry Clerk-Administration
Frank Van Timmeren Line Chief

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