2nd Squadron "Panda Bears" Personnel Roster

The Flying Tigers
Honorably Discharged July 4, 1942

John Armstrong Wing Man
George Bailey Crew Chief
Morton Twisty Bent Clerk-Operations
Harold Blackwell Crew Chief
Harry Bolster Wing Man
George Brice Crew Chief
John Bright Flight Leader
Carl Bugler Chief-Administration
Charles Chaney Crew Chief
Allen Christman Flight Leader
John Carter Line Chief
Thomas Cole Wing Man
Otto Daube Crew Chief
William Fish Wing Man
Harry Fox Line Chief
Allen Fritzke Armorer
Henry Geselbracht Flight Leader
Lloyd Gorhan Crew Chief
Lester Hall Wing Man
Maax Hammer Wing Man
David Lee Hill Squadron Leader
James Howard Vice Squadron Leader
Lynn Hurst Wing Man
Thomas Jones Vice Squadron Leader
Robert Keeton Flight Leader
Robert King Communications
Frank Lawlor Flight Leader
Robert Layher Flight Leader
Lacy Mangleburg Wing Man
Kenneth Merritt Wing Man
Alex Mihalko Communications
Robert Moss Flight Leader
Charles Mott Flight Leader
James Musick Armorer
John Newkirk Squadron Leader
John Overley Crew Chief
Preston Paull Crew Chief
George Paxton Flight Leader
John Petach Flight Leader
Herbert Pistole Armorer
Carl Quick Crew Chief
Edward Rector Vice Squadron Leader
Freeman Ricketts Flight Leader
Carson Roberts Communications
John Rumen Armorer
Arnold Shamblin Wing Man
Van Shapard Wing Man
Ralph Schiller Armorer
Frank Swartz Wing Man
Chester Tuley Crew Chief
George Tyrell Crew Chief
Earl Wagner Armorer
Peter Wright Flight Leader

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